A Life of Public Service

Moroni brings with him years of public service. Not only was Moroni a tax commissioner for the Navajo Nation who raised $100 million, but he has also been their director for natural resources, managing a budget of $82 million and overseeing 1,200 employees. Moroni’s tenure in public office has been one of prudence, dignity, and accountability. With his expertise and his humility, Moroni will respect the powers and obligations that come with being a city council member.

Moroni tirelessly works on ending sexual and domestic violence in communities of color

Moroni has been fighting against violence in communities of color and the structures that perpetuate it. Relatedly, Moroni actively researches and advocates for stopping the prevalence of murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls, two-spirits, and trans people. As a city council member, Moroni would continue to address these inequities, increasing city funding for the appropriate services.